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Custom Manufacturer of Hose Reels
Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel

Aviation Hose Reels

Aviation Hose Reels

Aviation Hose Reels

Unique Hosereels specializes in the production and manufacture of aviation hose reels. Safety is the greatest concern when delivering fuel to aircraft. A hose reel has to be secure and friction free. Unique Hosereels aviation hose reels are precisely designed to meet the demanding requirements of the aviation industry with a 406 Approval from the United States Department of Transportation. Our friction free hose reels exceed industry standards in performance and quality.

Though our aviation hose reels come with a standard 2” to 4” male or female NPT gooseneck, we have the capabilities to design a gooseneck to your exacting specifications. Size and thread design can be alter and changed in accordance with your requirements. Unique Hosereels business is built on the excellent relationships we have with our customers. You will find Unique Hosereels’ reels and hoses in every industry with a reputation for quality and exceptional customer service.

All aviation hose spools are made from high grade steel able to withstand the constant stress and use of the aviation industry. Our standard hose reel is manufactured with a 300 psi, which can be increased at your request. For safety, the head edges are rolled to increase strength and tolerance. They are tested for endurance and durability as well as resistance to corrosion. When you purchase Unique Hosereels aviation hose reels, you are guaranteed that it will work every time without fail. Our exacting production methods ensure high quality and complete satisfaction.

An important feature required of any aviation hose reel is the ability to withstand radical temperature changes. Our aviation hose reels have a standard seal temperature range from -76o F to +365o F. If you need a hose and reel that requires a greater variance in temperature, we have the equipment and skilled staff to manufacture it for you.

Unique Hosereels takes pride in producing products that require very little if any maintenance. It is a major factor in our customer service standards. Our aviation hose reels have self lubricating and self aligning bearings that require little to no maintenance. When you use a Unique Hosereels’ aviation hose reel, you know that it is dependable, maintenance free, and of the highest quality.

Unique Hosereels specialization in aviation hose reels has made it the industry leader in the production, design and manufacturing of aviation hose reels.

We can custom manufacture to your specifications

Replacement Parts


Unique Hosereels provides a wide range of custom and standard in-stock parts for immediate delivery. We understand that timing is critical to profitability and, as such, manage our replacement parts division with outmost diligence.

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