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At Unique Hose Reels, we manufacture and supply quality heavy duty hose reels for customers in many different industries. Heavy steel construction makes our heavy duty reels strong and dependable in all applications.

Hose reels are often required in demanding industrial or commercial applications where they are used frequently and must hold heavy air or water hoses. In these situations, heavy duty reels are absolutely necessary.

Our heavy duty reels are available in manual and powered options. These reels are popular in the sewage industry, where our trenchless and jetter reels are used frequently. Heavy duty reels are also used in firefighting and other utility applications. Some of our heavy duty reel models have roller outlets to guide the hose as it is wound and unwound from the reel. A variety of dimensions are available to accommodate whatever hose you are using.

Heavy duty reels are available in mobile units that are one casters so that they can be easily moved. They can also be mounted on stationary frames for applications where the hose reel must be kept in one place. Heavy duty cord reels can also be manufactured with brackets so that they can be mounted overhead on a wall or ceiling.

If you have unique specifications and need a custom heavy duty reel for your application, we can assist you with the design and engineering process before beginning manufacturing.

About Unique Hose Reels

UHR is a global manufacturing company with expertise in creating a full line of durable hose reels. We use our industry expertise to offer custom products that meet the industrial or commercial needs of our clients. All across North America, we are a trusted source for hose reels.

Do you have questions about our products? Would you like to request a quote? Contact us today! We look forward to helping you.

We can custom manufacture to your specifications

Replacement Parts


Unique Hosereels provides a wide range of custom and standard in-stock parts for immediate delivery. We understand that timing is critical to profitability and, as such, manage our replacement parts division with outmost diligence.

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