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Petroleum Hose Reels

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R2 Series Petroleum Hosereel

Unique Hosereels has set the standard for petroleum hose reels in the hose and hose reel industry with safe and reliable products. A key factor in the manufacture of petroleum hose reels is safety. All Unique Hosereels petroleum hose reels are equipment with non-sparking explosion proof electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic motors. Each motor is built to the highest standards and quality that exceeds industry standards.

As an added safety precaution, the edges of the spool are rolled to add extra strength and prevent injury. The durable welded construction of the steel spool provides the type of high quality and endurance necessary to operate under any conditions. Unique Hosereels’ petroleum reels have a standard seal temperature with a range from -76° F to +356° F and are able to withstand the harshest of conditions, a quality feature that makes our petroleum hose reels the best in the industry.

Though Unique Hosereels have a standard psi of 300, we are able to modify the psi to meet your requirements. Added features and adjustments are part of Unique Hosereels dedication to exceptional customer service.

All Unique Hosereels’ petroleum hose reels come equipped with a manual friction brake or an air operated caliper brake by request.

The frame and spool of the petroleum hose reel is available in standard grey but can be changed to meet your specific color requirements. The durable steel of the frame is resistant to corrosion and wear from hazardous environments, a guarantee from Unique Hosereels.

The outlet for the petroleum hose reel is a standard 1 ¼” to 2” male or female with NPT gooseneck threads. The inlet is a standard right angle 2” Victaulic. A 2” x 1 ½” Victaulic NPTF straight is available by request. The Victaulic inlets and outlets are of the highest quality and provide secure and well seal connections in all conditions.

Though Unique Hosereels’ petroleum hose reels are built to standard specs, we are happy to build a hose and hose reel to your requirements, another reason we are a world leader in hoses and hose reels.

We can custom manufacture to your specifications

Replacement Parts


Unique Hosereels provides a wide range of custom and standard in-stock parts for immediate delivery. We understand that timing is critical to profitability and, as such, manage our replacement parts division with outmost diligence.

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