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UHR Heavy Duty Steel Hose Reel with Cast Aluminum Fluid Path - 6/2/2017

Heavy Duty Steel Hose Reel with Cast Aluminum Fluid Path Heavy Duty Steel Hose Reel with Cast Aluminum Fluid Path Heavy Duty Steel Hose Reel with Cast Aluminum Fluid Path

This rugged steel hose reel has a cast aluminum fluid path comprised of a 2" Vicatualic x 1-1/2" NPTF inlet and 1-1/2"NPTF outlet and will house 102' of 1-1/2" hose. It is driven by a strong 4hp, 6am air motor with max torque of 115 lb-in, ANSI 40 chain and sprocket. A 115 volt motor is much stronger option and can easily be added to this frame's design however, the air motor is a better option for our customer's requirement. The advantage to using air motors is the ability to overload the unit for an extended period of time without damaging the motor.

A “REEL” Unique Family - 5/11/2016

We are so proud to say that Unique HoseReels and Unique Welding & Fabricating Ltd. have been honored with a “Profiles of Success” article in the Fuel Oil News Magazine. This is an honor that is given to companies that have a long history in the industry and truly highlights all of our accomplishments over the years. The article provides great insight into our company and what has made us so successful and what changes and philosophies are in place to ensure that our success continues for years to come.

While the list of accomplishments is flattering, we know that we could not have done it without you the customers and clients that have done business with us in the past, the present and our many new customers that we will work with in the near future. We hope that this most recent article will be a tool that you can use to get to know the REEL Unique Family a little bit more and a more in depth view of the history of the company. If you’re a new customer, then you know that when you work with us, you will be working with some of the best minds in the industry. In fact, we are proud to say that we are the number one Canadian manufacturer of specialized hose reels, manifolds and valves.

We are happy to announce that we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. To commemorate the anniversary, we will be having an open house on July 22, 2016 for anyone who is interested in seeing all of the services that we offer here at Unique. We are located at 1545 Britannia Road East, Unit 30-31 in the northeast corner of Dixie Road and Britannia Road East in the west end of Toronto. We hope to see you at the open house! Please check out the full article here. If you need more information about our company and the products we offer, call us today!!

Unique Hosereels Declared DOT 406 Approved

In August 1995, the Department of Transportation began enforcing conformance to a new specification governing the design of truck tanks utilized to transport hazardous materials in interstate transportation. The new specification, DOT 406, was significantly more stringent than MC 306, which it replaced. Unique Hosereels underwent an extensive program of analysis and testing. The results of which were submitted to the Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C. for their review. The verification of our compliance resulted in our being awarded the vaunted DOT 406 approval. This is just one example of our diligence and the level of excellence we strive to maintain throughout our operations. With us, going the extra mile is simply the way we work.

Refueling Reels Create Safer, More Efficient Work Environments - 2/16/2016

Oil leaks are issues often discussed in the news. On large scales, for instance, The BP oil spill in the Gulf or the Enbridge spill that landed in the Kalamazoo River in Michigan. Both spills occurred in 2010 and both are still being dealt with almost six years later. The local environments are still affected by the consequences of the spill. While those leaks were caused by large infrastructure malfunctions and are a rarity, they represent the extreme effects that oil spills can cause. Oil spreads quickly and is extremely difficult to clean. For workers who often deal with transportation of fuel, small scale fires or spills happen frequently and hard to contain. Often, such events are preventable.

Refueling can be tricky and equipment such as hoses need to be taken care of properly to avoid problems and simplify everyday use. Implementing hose reels creates a safer work environment for refueling industries. Refueling reels prevent issues by storing hoses in an efficient manner. Ready to use, simply unwind the refueling reel when needed either by hand, with a crank, or electrically. No mess to trip over and because of smooth, coiled storage, knots and kinks are prevented. Wound up, the hose is protected from exposure to the elements like sun and wind, which can cause the hose to break down and spring leaks. It is especially important for refueling hoses to be in top condition any leakage could cause serious issues on the worksite. Waste is expensive, losing valuable product and taking the time to clean are both waste of resources. Vapor leaks can be ignited easily causing a fire.

Unique Hosereels offers refueling reels ideal for the oil and gas production industry with safety features such as static grounding, which prevents the buildup of static electricity, and explosion proof electric motor rewind. Smooth operating and minimal cable pull generate easier work on the site and reduce wait time. Heavy gauged steel and rolled head edges generate a durable and safer spool. Custom frames can be produced to accommodate your unique specifications. The self-lubricating and self-aligning bearings require little maintenance. Refueling reels make refueling safer, cleaner and quicker.

The Many Uses of Single Wrap Reels - 10/8/2015

Single wrap reels are an important part of any workplace as they keep air hoses, water hoses, cords, wire, and other important investments safe from unnecessary harm. They come into play in a variety of areas, from household garages, commercial garages, in offices, or manufacturing facilities. They are able to be mounted on walls or made to be portable for easy transportation and storage when not in use. Depending on your application and material, these single wrap reels can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Single wrap reels can be wound up automatically through the use of springs, electricity or in the case of air reels, the power from an air power source. This feature allows minimal effort from the user and speeds up the process of winding up your air hose, water hose or power cord. Manual reels are also widely available and offer the same advantages just without the automatic reeling feature.

Depending on your budget, some single wrap reels can be further customized to provide more protection for your hose through waterproofing and cord protection accessories. An example of one of these accessories would be a thermoplastic cord insulation given to them, which offers cord protection but also can result in electrical cords overheating if the user is not careful. You can trust Unique Hosereels to provide you with the best possible single wrap reel for your application.

Advantages of Reels for your Cords and Hoses Alike - 9/15/2015

The common issue with cords and hoses alike is that the always seem to end up tangled, twisted and turned around for seemingly no reason. The simple solution to this problem lies in the use of a cord or hose reel. These products keep your hose or cord neatly wound up, clean, organized and safe. Reels come in a number of different models either those that automatically wind back up or some that take some manual effort to reel back in. Options are abundant when it comes to reels, they can be mounted on walls, under tables, bolted into place or be a mobile as you need them to be.

By utilizing reels you keep your cords and hoses safe from unnecessary damage. Extended period of time spent tangled can result in permanent damage to your hose or cord that can result in them not working properly. Not only do reels keep your products safe, they keep you safe as scattered cords and hoses can create potentially dangerous tripping hazards.

So when working with cords or hose, it’s crucial to remember the advantages that reels can provide you. From increasing your efficiency while you are working by always keeping your cords organized and ready for use to providing a safe storage option for hose when it is not in use, there is no reason not to own some sort of reel for your cords and hoses.

Cooling off with the help of your Hose Reel - 9/4/2015

Every summer there seems to be a heat wave that hits and everything around us beings to show signs of dehydration and ill effects from the extreme temperatures. Without steady rainfall to cool things off, many plants such as those found in our flower beds and gardens are in desperate need for some attention from a water hose. Or for those of us who maintain an outdoor pond, we might need to run a hose in order to provide cool water for the wildlife that depends on this refreshing source of water for life. Whatever your need may be, there is no denying that a water hose is a needed tool in the modern day household.

The biggest hassle involved with these tasks in the constant action of taking out a water hose and putting it away again. Luckily, hose reels exist and provide an efficient way to unwind a hose and the best place to store it. In addition to premium storage space, these products may even wind your hose back up after use saving you time and money. A hose reel is an essential part of owning a home as it provides numerous advantages with next to no disadvantages. They provide a small storage space for your hose, reduce the amount of time and energy you put into reeling and unreeling the hose especially if you get a mechanical model that winds the hose back up for you. Perhaps the most important benefit is that they keep your yard safer and protect your investment. A hose spread across the lawn can be a hazard for running children and pets; it can also be a danger for the hose itself as it is exposed to potential dangers such as lawn mowers and the outside elements.

The Future is now with Retractable Hosereels - 8/17/2015

We are surrounded with inventions that are designed to make our lives a little bit easier; this list of inventions grows every day. From the cell phones in our pockets to the utensils we use to cook with, everything around us is being designed to reduce our workload and reduce the time spent doing certain tasks. Automatic reels for both hoses and cords fall in this category.

An automatic reel gets its name for retracting automatically rather than the common manual crank method that is found on a majority of hose reels today. There is no denying the benefits of having a hose reel, yet often times we find ourselves in a mood while we are cranking the reel around to coil the hose back to its desired position. Currently the main application these reels are used in is for industrial sized cord reels that are required to hold a larger amount than the everyday gardening hose. The retractable feature is required in this application so that workers do not burn themselves out every time they have to reel the hose back onto the reel.

Yet this style of reel is making its way into the everyday consumer market, and not just in the form of a hose reel but has a lot of potential in the cord industry. Our society is more and more becoming a plugged in society. And in order to be plugged in you require a cord. Our laptops, phones, and now even some of our cars have power cords and these cords could use a retractable reel to keep them safe and stored without the hassle of having to manually crank them back onto the reel.

Industrial Air Hose Reels - 8/3/2015

Hoses are the most effective way to transport fluids from one location to another. Whether that is transferring water from your home out into your garden or from the air compressor into your car tire, hoses are invaluable in our lives. However, they are incredibly important in industrial applications as well. They are used to transfer oil, gas, air, and other fluids. Each hose comes in different configurations and can be paired with all kinds of reels. Air hose reels, for example, serve the purpose of storing and handling hoses that convey air. However, air hose reels may also refer to a reel that uses pneumatic power to reel and unreel hoses automatically. These devices are typically constructed from metal, fiberglass or plastic, and they are used in all kinds of industries: manufacturing construction, automotive, and more.

More often than not, however, the term air hose reel refers to a reel specifically designed to handle air hoses. These are extremely useful in situations where air must be transported large distances. Industrial air compressors, for example, can be large and difficult to maneuver. By using an air hose reel, an air hose can be brought to the desired location and then simply stored when the job is done, instead of having to move the entire air compressor.

This type of hose reel can actually be broken into two categories. There are storage reels and continuous flow reels. Like their name suggests, storage reels are simply used to store the hose when it is not in use. This keeps work areas clear, eliminates potential tripping hazards, and protects the hose from being trampled or ruined. On the other hand, a continuous flow reel allows the air hose to be used while it is still wrapped around the reel. This makes it easy to quickly use the hose and return it to storage, without having to unwind the entire hose. There are many other features that can be paired with these reels like manual and automatic reeling mechanisms.

The Many Capabilities of Reels - 6/29/2015

The average consumer, when hearing the word ‘hose reel’, will think of the garden hose holder where you need to wind up the hose yourself after every use. While sometimes a pain to do every time, they do provide a nice design that keeps a garden hose from laying in the lawn and becoming wore out quickly. A few of the main functions of a hose reel is to keep a cord or hose from laying on the ground and to keep them nicely stored without any kinks.

If cords and hoses are left lying on the ground or on floors, they can quickly become worn out from people stepping on them, mowers cutting them, and the friction between the hose and cement can cause wearing. Not only will their useful life be reduced, but cords and hoses can become a hazard to individuals having to walk over them, which may result in a fall. Reels can also be used to safely transport hoses and cords to and from different destinations, such as in the case of firefighters or cable companies.

Garden or water hoses are not the only type of cords that can benefit from reels, but you will also see air hose reels, cable reels, medical cord reels, fuel & oil hose reels and so on. Not all reels are manual either. There are automatic and retractable reels as well, depending on the application. They can also be made from wood, plastic, steel or stainless steel. As mentioned before, reels can be mobile or stationary. Other options include safety latches and covers for outdoor use. When it comes to reels, the possibilities are endless. What needs to be kept in mind is how it will be used to make sure it is the perfect reel for the purpose at hand.

The Backbone of Fire Hoses, the Fire Hose Reel - 6/3/2015

Fire hose reels play an important part in a firefighter’s job. While many people look to firefights as a source of inspiration and heroes, as they should be viewed, few people fully know what goes into one of their most used tools, the fire hose reel. The following will be an in-depth view of the tool that allows firefighters to quickly and effectively fight fires.

For starters, the basic functionality of a fire hose reel is the same as an everyday hose reel, storing a hose in this case storing a fire hose. Except for these reels are stored on the truck and are inspected both monthly and annually to ensure they are up to quality standards. They can either be mechanically or manually wound or unwound. And these reels are designed to control a large amount of water to effectively fight large fires. The typical fire hose can range from 18 to 36 meters and have a diameter from 13 to 19mm. Fire hose reels need to be able to withstand the weight of both the hose and the hose filled with water.

Fire hose reels come in three different styles, grounding, large diameter and booster reels. Not only are they found on trucks, but they can also be found mounted onto buildings. Booster reels are designed to hold booster hoses which maintain water flow while still on the hose reel. Large diameter hoses are commonly used for supply lines and need their accompanying large diameter hose reels.

High Pressure Fluid Hose Reels - 3/25/2015

The benefits of high pressure hosereels are vast, especially in firefighting situations. One application of a hose reel is in firefighting, where a flat hose is unrolled and then filled with extreme water pressure in a blink of an eye. After the fire is put out, the hose is stored back in its place with a high pressure and automatic hose reel—ready to be pulled out again for the next fire.

Not only does the fire hose reel provide storage for the hose, it also provides safety from sun damage, kinking, entanglement and other wear and tear from being placed on the ground. These benefits will extend the performance and overall life of the hose. Not only to hose reels benefit the hose itself, they keep the firefighters out of danger from tripping over the hose when they need to worry about putting fires out. Functionality of the hose is also of concern. Any damage or kinking of the hose could lead to a drop in pressure, resulting in lack of water or air—rendering the hose useless. When performance fails, worker and community safety is at risk.

In addition to the benefits listed above, high pressure hose reels are sometimes designed to be retractable automatically. They are also built with steel frames for extreme durability. When it comes to situations like putting out fires, only superior equipment should be used and depended on to make sure that the outcome is the desired one.

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